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Without the right employees, you cannot reach the peak of success. Every single business is unique, and managing and running it successfully is a new challenge. What we excel at is interviewing candidates, examining applications, and vetting their qualifications. This process takes valuable time away from any business owner, which could harm your business in the long run. We will hire the right employees for you. Choose us as your online staffing agency.

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What We Do

At Capitano Inc. we connect you with 1000's of talented virtual assistants all over the globe. Whether your looking for a foolproof lead gen system through cold callers with our live transferring service, or a personal assistant to make your life a breeze, we got you covered through our virtual staff solutions.


No Setup or Startup Fees: Forget about the endless fees and charges. We charge no startup costs or hidden fees of any kind. All you will ever pay is the employees hourly rate.

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Full Scope Training: We don't just train our candidates to be virtual assistants. We train them to be absolutely indispensable to our clients. Our training program is intense, rigorous, and not for the faint of heart. But that's what it takes to produce the best of the best.


Free Replacements: Never worry about an employee leaving your company. Whether they are fired, quit, or just weren't meeting your standards, we will replace them for free. Forever. That's the Capitano Guarantee.

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Capitano Inc.'s Outsourcing Accelerator

Our hourly rates start as low as $8/hr* and with our streamlined process, getting started is simple.


Discovery Call - You meet directly with our CEO where we learn more about your business, and see how we could scale your revenue or increase productivity in your business.


Candidate Selection - Capitano Inc's recruitment specialists review 100's of resumes and interview a minimum of 50 candidates before presenting you with a selection of the highest quality talent.


Onboarding - The easiest step of the process, thanks to the Capitano System. We take care of all onboarding processes, including collaborative script writing, task and instruction management, and more.

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