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Finding experienced and skilled talent remains demanding for many companies. A great number of companies are struggling to find workers with the right combination of essential skills. Here is where Capitano Inc., a reliable staffing agency, comes into the picture. We can help your company resist that challenge.

As a leading staffing agency, we can fulfill the hiring requirements of any company in line with the expertise they need. Keep in mind; only the right individuals can help your company grow and only the right staffing agency can support you and hire them.

Ask any HR manager or business owner worth their salt, and they will say that the major asset of any company is its individuals. What they may declare is that a business’s key liability can also be individuals. It all banks on whom you have hired.

Staffing is a great responsibility! Do it very well and you have supreme employees that take the business to new heights!

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About Capitano Inc.

Why choose our staffing agency?

Every now and then business owners find it difficult to outsource their staff needs to staffing firms; they’d relatively be the ones accountable for the hiring process. On the other hand, once they get over this frame of mind, they find it helpful to team up with placement agencies, in particular a temp agency, for short-term jobs.

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We can be outstandingly helpful in the following situations:


There is an immediate requirement for a huge number of experienced workers


You need a highly experienced employee with specialized expertise


You do not have the essential resources to hire a team


You want to cut recruitment costs like a big HR division, etc.

Our approach

We cover temporary and permanent placements for all kinds of businesses and companies. From virtual staffing to in-person hiring, Capitano Inc. has you covered.

Our team members are specialists in the job placement marketplace and work with you to understand your specific needs.

We use the most up-to-date technologies to source the right candidates and support you in your business’s growth.

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Our approach to virtual staffing
  • Fast hiring
  • Reduced team workload
  • Flexibility
  • Specialized hiring
  • Reduced risk

Whether you want to hire a small team or a complete department – we have access to a pool of skilled candidates, available at a moment’s notice.

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How we offer virtual staff solutions

Our responsibilities

We, as a staffing agency, can provide permanent staffing solutions to a business, such as:

Understanding the workload requirements of the business

Establishing the workforce needed to meet the same

Selecting potential candidates through past employment record

Follow-ups on the performance of the employees



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