Feb 14, 2023

Why Your Small Businesses Could Benefit From a VA

When managing a small company, it helps to have a helping hand. The need for someone to make a few cold calls in the sales..

Why Your Small Businesses Could Benefit From a VA

When managing a small company, it helps to have a helping hand. The need for someone to make a few cold calls in the sales department. As well as replenish any dwindling stock.

What, though, if you lack the resources to bring on a full-time worker now? Instead of hiring a physical employee, a virtual assistant may be the answer.

Now that you have a virtual assistant, you can do what you do best. Put your trust in these temporary office workers.

An Overview of VAs

Virtual assistants (VAs) are freelance workers that fill in for absent employees to alleviate stress for small firms. Private companies employ virtual assistants who operate out of their own spaces (frequently home-based). Quite a few in-house responsibilities can be shared with them with success.

How to Locate a VA in the USA

For anyone needing a VA, Capitano Inc. provides a strong team to find you the best hires.

Discovering a VA online is another viable option. Put in the search terms "virtual helper." To refine your search results, specify a geographical area or field of expertise.

Those Services Provided by VAs

Virtual assistants (VAs) are available for anything from data entry to event planning, live phone help, and timetable management. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Auditing and bookkeeping
  • Assistance in Advertising
  • Writing and submitting an article
  • Help with Clients
  • Typesetting, graphics editing, and PowerPoint making
  • Market studies and the World Wide Web
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Regular SEO and social media updates
  • Word processing and transcription
  • Organizing a trip and making reservations

In What Range Do Their Prices Fall?

A virtual assistant (VA) is helpful since they can complete your work without adding the expense of a full-time worker to your budget. Thus, a Virtual Assistant is predicted to be cheap.

Indeed, there is a wide range of prices available. A virtual assistant can be hired by the hour, the week or month (or longer if necessary), or a specific project.

A few new companies serve as staffing agencies for virtual assistants. The companies in this category offer assurances of quality for a premium price. They frequently provide discounted bundles capped at a certain amount of hours per week or month.

Part-Time Employees & Contractors vs. Virtual Assistants

Temporary workers, independent contractors, and electronic assistants all have similar meanings. Temporary workers are typically contracted through a staffing agency. The temp will typically work at your office. The staffing agency that represents them is the one that foots the bill.

An "independent contractor" is an employee you hire on your own. You can either have them work on the project in their own space and with their own tools, or you can treat them like an employee by providing them with temporary office space, equipment, and even a job title.

You rarely, if ever, meet your virtual assistant in person because they are an independent contractor. They usually work from home and handle administrative work.

The term "virtual world" can be used to describe this environment.

Without the resources to engage an employee full-time, small and home-based enterprises struggle without dependable help. A helping hand is always welcome, even in a one-person enterprise.

Online helpers, or "virtual assistants," are a handy tool to have on hand in a pinch. Try one out for a smaller project to see if the workload is more evenly shared. You should get in touch with us at Capitano Inc. when you're ready to hire your first employee. Whether it is virtual staffing consultants you need or in-person hires, we can help.